Engineered wood flooring in Ottawa has gained enviable popularity of late when it comes to flooring options for its unrivaled combination of elegance, environmental-friendliness, and durability. Harmonizing esthetics and practicality, it has evolved as a superior alternative to solid hardwood and Canadian Flooring happens to be one of the most renowned sellers of engineered wood flooring in Ontario.

Inter-attached with an industrial-grade adhesive, multiple layers of natural wood comprise engineered wood flooring. Also referred to as the wear layer, the uppermost layer boasts the characteristic charm of numerous wood species and offers an authentic appearance that closely resembles traditional hardwood. Underneath the wear layer, cross-directional plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF) usually forms the core layers, thus, adding structural stability and reducing the odds of warping or shrinking that solid hardwood flooring is often susceptible to.

One of the most significant reasons for an unprecedented surge in the mass admiration of engineered wood flooring in Ottawa is its esthetic versatility. With a diverse spectrum of patterns, wood species, and finishes widely available these days, homeowners can easily zero in on one that perfectly fits their interior design preferences. Whether you fancy a rustic, farmhouse appeal or would rather settle for a sleek, contemporary ambiance, engineered wood comes with nearly endless possibilities.

Its layered structure provides you with a considerable advantage in terms of not only stability but also durability. In sharp contrast to solid hardwood that can expand and contract with changes in humidity or temperature, engineered wood is less susceptible to such fluctuations, and this certainly makes it an excellent choice for areas with varying climate conditions, such as basements as well as kitchens, where the former may perform worse when compared to the latter. Call Canadian Flooring now for any queries or further information on engineered wood flooring in Ottawa!