When it comes to interior design, the realm of hardwood flooring often evokes images of warm browns and honeyed hues. However, with CANADIAN FLOORING offering exotic hardwood flooring in Ottawa of late, prepare to be swept away by a breathtaking spectrum of colors, from deep purples that are reminiscent of twilight to fiery reds that ignite the living rooms.

Exotic hardwoods originate from various corners of the globe with each region contributing its unique palette to the realm of interior design. Their striking colors bear the true testimonies of the minerals, environmental conditions, and nutrients in which they grow. To put things into perspective, Purpleheart boasts a captivating violet hue that intensifies over time along with lending a sense of regality to any space.

On the contrary, the Brazilian Cherry also referred to as Jatoba, exhibits fiery red tones that add a touch of warmth as well as vibrancy to floors and décor. Do not forget to check out the smoky gray hues of Tigerwood as well when it comes to creating a sophisticated ambiance with exotic hardwood flooring in Ottawa sans spending a fortune and being surprisingly affordable does makes the same a perfect choice for contemporary houses.

Remember to ask for Teak to infuse your living spaces with tones of amber and radiant gold along with promoting a sense of timeless luxury. Finally, you may want to add an air of mystery as well as opulence indoors with the intense, dark color that characterizes Ebony. Incorporating these striking hues of exotic hardwood into your interior design can leave you with statement flooring that transcends the limits of space-time.

Make a point to pair them with neutral shades, such as whites, creams, or soft grays to create a harmonious balance that allows them to come alive without overwhelming your living space. You may also consider combining exotic hardwood flooring in Ottawa with contrasting furniture or décor in complementary colors to create a dynamic as well as visually captivating ambiance in your house.