Lauzon Collection Engineered Hardwood Muse Ultra-Matte 3-1/4″ – 7/16″


Canadian Hard Maple
Width (inches in fraction)
3-1/4” Width
Thickness (inches in fraction)
Surface Texture


Go with your instinct, explore our vast color palette presented in a continuous chromatic scale, pick the hue you like, examine the detail of its texture and sheen, and see the overall look in your room.

  • Titanium : The ultimate protection against wear and scratches. Slows the natural yellowing process caused by light. Antibacterial properties to keep the surface free of contaminents (see Technical Informations document)
  • Pure Genius : Active purification of the floor surface and indoor air by breaking down the molecular stucture of contaminents such as VOCs and formaldehyde. Elimination of odors and increased capacity to repell water (see Technical Informations document)
  • Random Length : 13’’, 18 ½’’, 28’’ & 47 3/16’
  • Variable Weight : 43 lb to 56 lb


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