MSI Surfaces Mosaic Greecian White-Cool Polished 12″ x 12″


Exact Size (in.)
12″ x 12″
Thickness (mm)
9.65 mm Thickness
PEI Rating
PEI of Not rated


Add a splash of sophistication to your decor with Greecian 2″ x 2″ Marble Mosaic Tile in White. It features octagon pieces of elegant White Marble with black chips in between, lending a chic look and contemporary flair to any interior or exterior space. The high sheen, smooth-finished chips are precisely arranged on a 12″ x 12″ mesh-backed mosaic, which seamlessly interlocks with other tiles to create a transition-free appearance. Suitable for residential and commercial use, marble mosaic tile has a distinct pattern that is certain to inject space-defining allure into any setting. Note: Inspect all tiles before installation. Natural stone products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in color, shade, finish, etc. It is recommended to blend tiles from different boxes when installing. Natural stones may be characterized by dry seams and pits that are often filled. The filling can work its way out and it may be necessary to refill these voids as part of a normal maintenance procedure. All natural stone products should be sealed with a penetrating sealer.

  • Grade 1, first-quality natural marble tile for floor, wall and countertop use
  • Not frost resistant
  • Residential and commercial use


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