Technofix Vinyl Planks Barn’s Wood Barn Oak Click Lock 7″ x 48″


Format (in.)
7″ x 48″
Thickness (mm)
5 mm Thickness
Wear Layer Thickness (mm)
0.3 mm Wear Layer
Installation Method
Click Lock
Core Type Detail
Rigid Core / Solid Extruded Vinyl


A rustik style offering a look like if your floor has a previous life that gives to any room an old-time warmth and atmosphere. Offered in a large width size of 7 inches, the painted v-groove blending with luxure and natural colors, will suggest that the floor has a real heritage and a bit of a story to tell.

  • Water resistant
  • Attached underlayment
  • Easy to install (DIY) – Tap Lock Click System
  • Remain stable at high/low temperature variation
  • Low maintenance and easy to take care of using a wet mop
  • More stable than LVT vinyl
  • XL SPC Vinyl Click Planks


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